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Reading an eBook

eBook Controls

Controlling an eBook is simple! After opening the book you would like to read, simply move your mouse near the bottom of the book to reveal the control bar. Here you will see various controls for moving forward and backward in the book, playing the voice over reading, and accessing the settings of the book.

You can use the play button or the space bar on your keyboard to begin voice over playback.
You can use the next button or the right arrow key on your keyboard to move to the next page.
You can use the back button or the left arrow key on your keyboard to move to the previous page.
You can use the last page button or the down arrow key on your keyboard to jump to the last page.
You can use the first page button or the up arrow key on your keyboard to jump to the first page.
Sceenshot of Fathom eReader

Language and Bilingual Settings

You can use the globe button to change the language of the book or enable bilingual mode.
Bilingual mode allows you to hear the primary language read aloud while seeing a translated version of the text on the other page.

eBook Settings

You can change settings related to the Fathom eReader such as the font, reading speed, and word highlighting mode by using the settings button located on the left side of the toolbar.

Recording & eBook Video Calls

You can video chat with other users while reading any eBook! While using video chat, the other user will have their book synced with your book. When you turn a page, the page will turn for them as well. This is a great way for family members to enjoy a book together or for a teacher to help a student who might not understand the content of a book.

Recording your reading

To begin recording, click the red dot icon in the bottom right of your ebook, then select "Record Video". You will see a countdown overlayed on your ebook. Once the countdown reaches 0, recording will begin. While recording you can read the book as normal and a small video of you reading will be overlayed at the bottom of the screen.

You can stop recording by clicking the stop button in the bottom right. You will be prompted to either name and save your video or discard it.

You can view all of your saved videos by clicking the red dot icon in the bottom right of the screen and selecting "Recordings". This will provide a list of recorded videos with which you can view, rename, delete, or submit as an assignment.


The more button can be used to find any additional resources for your current book. This includes coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles, quizzes, videos, and more! You can also report any issues that you might have with the book by using the "Report a problem" button which is found within the more menu.

Coloring Pages and Jigsaw Puzzles

Coloring pages and jigsaw puzzles allow readers to engage with the content of a book on a fun and playful level. Coloring pages are hand made based on images directly out of Fathom books to ensure that they are easy and fun to color!
Jigsaw puzzles can be adjusted to ensure that the difficulty level matches exactly what the reader is ready for.


Quizzes for the book you are reading can be accessed by clicking the quizzes button from the popup menu in your eBook. You can also access quiz questions from each book's resource page. Upon completion, the reader will see their score so they can immediately review the book and correct any answers they might have gotten wrong.

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