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Using Google Classroom with Fathom Reads


If your school district uses Google Classroom, you can easily integrate Google Classroom with the Fathom Reads platform. After connecting your Google Classroom and Fathom Reads accounts, you will be able to easily import information such as classes, students, and assignments. Note: Google Classroom only supports importing at the class level.

Connecting Google Classroom to Fathom Reads

Google Classroom and Fathom Reads can be connected and synced in order to transfer classes, students, and assignments. It is important to note that transfers can only happen between Google Classroom and Fathom Reads Teacher Accounts and that you must be signed into a Fathom Reads teacher account to begin the sync process. Complete the following steps to connect Google Classroom to Fathom Reads:

1. Ensure that your classes and students are set up in your Google Classroom or Fathom Reads account.

2. From your Fathom Reads teacher account, navigate to dashboard and find the Menu Rostering & LMS Integrations from left panel.

3. From right section of Rostering & LMS Integrations page, select the Google Classroom from Roster Import Options and click Import from Google Classroom

4. Follow the onscreen prompts to log in to your Google account and ensure that you provide all requested permissions so that syncing can occur.

5. After allowing the requested permissions you will be redirected back to Fathom website. List of classes from Google classroom will show.
Select the classes that you would like to import.

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